What type of foundation is best for you ? A guide to different foundations 💄👇💋😻


We all have a different way of applying our foundation, we all have our mix of shades we like to use. Some of us stick to the sane old liquid or cream foundation for years but they are many different types to give a try.

Spray foundation ..

Who wouldn’t want to quickly spray on foundation then go ? Spray foundation seems like a dream, with spray foundation brands claiming perfect covered and an airbrushed look. A lot of girls need a bit of time to get the hang of spraying on foundation and usually just opt for spraying it onto a brush and applying the old fashioned way, a lot of girls also hate the product wastage that comes with spraying and also foundation going on hair and clothes. Yet again there others who absolutely love this type of foundation but it’s all about what works best for you.

Liquid.. Most of us girls will probably only have liquid foundation as this is the most popular form of foundation here in the UK, you apply with a brush or sponge. Although for people with problematic skin this can be flaky and cracked and give a bad result.

Stick. …

Stick foundation is very small to carry around and is perfect for on the go, you can apply it by hand or sponge or brush. Stick foundation is probably the least popular form of foundation ever.

Mineral Powder. …

If you have sensitive, oily and blemish-prone skin types you may benefit from using mineral foundation, it also doesn’t land in your creases which will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This is the best for me of foundation if you have acne.

Tinted Moisturiser. …

A tinted moisturiser is exactly that, it moisturises with a slight tint to make your complexion look blemish free and provide a small but of coverage. This is an option for people who want just a slight bit of coverage and don’t have time for other foundations. Tinted moisturisers are lightweight and great for the winter months, there are many tinted moisturisers on the market that contain skin loving ingredients.

BB Cream. …

Originally developed in Germany as an all-in-1 cream to be used in a patient’s post-laser treatment skincare plan !

BB cream is short for ‘blemish balm‘ cream. It’s a versatile combination of products such as moisturizer, primer, SPF, foundation, skin treatment, and concealer.

CC Cream

CC cream stands for color correcting cream or complexion corrector cream. Like BB cream, CC creams typically serve multiple purposes—however, unlike BB cream, CC cream usually provides a little more coverage to disguise imperfections like dark spots or redness. Because CC creams offer more coverage than BB creams, they tend to have thicker, heavier formulas. CC cream is often best for aging skin that might need more coverage to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The beauty secrets of castor oil 😯🌱🌴💋👌😻


Warning : Try a small amount of castor on your body first incase you are allergic 🙂

Eyelash growth

So everyone’s saw the numerous eyelash serums you can find in stores and online but did any of you notice that most do contain castor oil ? This oil alone can help you regrow your eyelashes and make the ones you have thicker and stronger due to its nutrients, all you need to do is apply in the evening after removing make-up. You need need a lot just make sure you get your lash line coated too. Some people swear they find results happening in the first week or so. I have not tried castor on my lashes but pretty soon will be, blogging the results as of now you reading this I might already have done so, you can type “eyelashes” into my search bar to find it or to find other info on lash care :mrgreen:

A friend a few years ago suggested castor oil to me for my lash care routine she absolutely swore about it, her lashes were so thick and strong. They were amazing lashes ! So it must be true 💖

Hair quality and growth

Boosts hair growth

Thickens hair

Controls dandruff

Repairs split ends

Controls hair loss

Castor oil contains natural compounds that promote hair growth. A large percentage of castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid, one of the essential amino acids required by the human body. It’s an Omega-9 fatty acid that can penetrate into the pores of the skin and the hair follicles. It provides nourishment, enabling the hair follicles to restore growth to a normal level.

Castor oil will also return the scalp to the optimum pH level, cure acne and dandruff. It will keep the organism population under control, which is what causes acne outbreaks and fungal growths such as dandruff. Overall, it’s an all-purpose hair and scalp restorative. From http://www.goodhealthacademy.com

To make your own castor oil hair potion mix a few drops of castor with a few drops of Coconut Oil, you can add an essential oil in like lavender or tea tree this us just to mask the smell of the castor, massage it well into your scalp and through your long hair if need be. Keep on for about 30 min to an hour then wash off. Using castor on hair it takes a few weeks for growth to show but the condition will change almost right away.

When I personally used castor on my hair ( and it was just small amount ) my hair was so soft and shiny and felt stronger. If you want more beauty tips and tricks on hair growth and to see result pictures of my experiments just type in “hair” into the search bar at the top right of the sidebar 😉

Larger eyebrows

If you have over waxed/removed your brow hair and would like some regrowth in that area rub some castor on your brows before bed each night, in just 3 weeks you will have larger eyebrows !

Dry skin anywhere on the body

Dry elbows ? Or knees? Or any were else for that matter could use some moisturiser! Mix some castor with coconut oil and apply to dry areas ( including face ) leave for 20 to 30 mind then wash off, repeat for as long as and your skin will thank you for it ! 💗🔥

Healthy nails

Massage into your nails to help your nails grow faster and have a healthier shine, also good for dry hands 👋

Treats ringworm

Castor oil contains a compound called undecylenic acid, which is a very effective treatment for the fungal skin infection, ringworm. For best results, apply and leave on overnight.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks during and after pregnancy can be treated with castor oil, if you have tried this with good results please let us know in the comment section !


Acne can be treated using castor oil on your face or body before bed each night, put it on a thin layer and massage in. Leave on for an hour or so then wash off. Repeat each night if need be (do not use any other facial creams or remedies during this time) There’s a lot of rave reviews online of people using castor oil for acne just search ” castor oil for acne” into Google 😉

Castor oil aids in dissolving and removing the bacteria, dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells that are clogging the pores. Plus, thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, castor oil can help to prevent breakouts. Along with that, the essential fatty acids and undercylenic acid found in castor oil can disinfect skin and destroy bacteria that cause acne. Last but not least, this oil is also enriched with vitamin E, antioxidants, and other vitamins & minerals, which promote skin health. From http://www.beautytalk.com

One of the most effective methods of clearing acne with castor oil is to steam your face first to open those pores to allow the oil to deeply cleanse your face, apply after steaming straight away and leave for 1 or 2 hours, apparently it takes 6 weeks to completely clear everything:mrgreen:

If you want a super strong acne killer recipe then just add in Organic Coconut Oil with castor which will make your skin so soft, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria !

Bulgarian lavender water review ;)🌱🌈🌅 alteyaorganics.com/

Alteyas 100 percent pure steam distilled lavender water is made of fresh, organic blossoms of Bulgarian lavender. Alteya use a unique distillation technique which embodies century old traditions and modern technology to distill special grade lavender flower water that preserves the biodynamic energy of the plant.


I was searching online for a lavender essential oil when I came across alteyas products, I was won over immediately at the description and look of the product. Alteya is certified organic and they also ethically harvest 🔥 Originally I just wanted my own small lavender organic oil to make my own hair care and stuff at home, but I liked the idea of alteya lavender water as it’s more diluted and easy to use as it comes in a spray bottle. I’m not a big fan of the smell of pure lavender oil, my gran used to love it and use it a lot so maybe I just grew sick of it. I wanted if purely for it’s medicinal properties :mrgreen:


How to clean your makeup brushes ( step by step guide ) ;)💋👌


You should aim to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week, unclean brushes can cause breakouts, skin irritation and worsen acne 😯

What’s the point in putting on fresh new makeup with dirty old brushe’s… ewww

What you will need :

Your sink

A few cloths

Baby shampoo


Step 1

Rinse your makeup brushes under the cold tap for a few seconds then lay each of them out on the towel. This will rid the dirt from the handles.

Step 2

Pick up each individual brush and put under the hot tap ( not too hot) give the bristles an bit of a bath just like you would washing your own hair. Get your shampoo and shampoo the bristles! Try to hold down the way to avoid hot water getting on the connecting part of your brush as this can loosen your brush and break it by melting the glue that holds it together.

Step 3

After shampooing all your brushes under the warm tap with baby shampoo and laying each of them down on the towel, do it again this time with cold water and no shampoo. This step is just a final rinse to get rid of residue.

Step 4

Parcel your brushes in the towel and towel dry them as best you can then you can leave them on the towel to air dry, or leave near a heater. You can also use a hairdryer if you want them dry fast and …like wallahh that’s it !

Going grey young ? 🙇👵:'(

Grey hair, something we all will experience in our life but some will experience this earlier than others. Here are some factors about why people go grey early on.


Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin, which gives your tresses their color. When your body stops generating melanin, hair presents itself as gray, white, or silver. Researchers found that hormones produced in response to stress can deplete the melanocyte stem cells that determine hair color. They found that stress causes the stem cells to leave our hair follicles, leaving hair gray or white.

Caucasians seem to go grey earlier and some health conditions may cause premature greying such as diabetes, pernicious anemia or thyroid problems.

If premature greying is not a trait that runs in your family, it is recommended to see a doctor to evaluate thyroid health, vitamin levels, and to rule out anemia – a deficiency of red bloods or hemoglobin in the blood.

Smoking ! Smoking turns your hair grey faster and also causes wrinkles….. so make it your year to quit !

Vitamin b12! Vitamin b12 deficiency is far more common than you think, this can cause grey hair, anxiety attacks, tremors and fatigue. Worth getting your levels checked 😉

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition where there is loss of skin pigmentation through death of the melanocytes. This can also cause hair of the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and body to lose its pigment, in some cases.

Cealic disease, this has also came up in studies being linked to greying hair time and time again.

The Amazing Uses for Organic Coconut oil 😊👌🌅🌴

At the moment there is a massive trend in the hair and beauty world for coconut oil based products. Especially shampoos and conditioners! But what about just plain old organic coconut oil ? What can that do on its own ? Well there are a lot of amazing uses and I’m going to delve into a few in my blog post today. As it’s just been new year I bet there are ladies out there who want some natural health and beauty tips to help kick off the first half of 2018 😉


Natrual Bug, Flea and Insect Repellent for humans and animals 

Use coconut oil mixed in with tea tree oil, lavender oil or peppermint oil and apply all over your body if your in a location that has bugs, flies, bees or insects of any kind and this should act as a pretty good repellent. You can also add all oils in together to create a more powerful reppelent. Some people add lemon or lemongrass to the body repellent but you should avoid doing that if your going out in the sun as the lemon could burn and damage your skin 👈

For dogs and cats you can create a spray using a bottle at one cup of water, 1 cup of coconut oil with added lavender oil or lemongrass oil. Spray and comb throw coat. This will help combat lice and fleas in animals and also repel any insects or bugs. You can use tea tree for this also.

Cat and dogs coats

Apply coconut oil to your animals coat after rubbing it I’m your hands to heat or you can heat slightly in a container over the cooker but just slightly ! Brush it through and leave on for 1 hour and then wash off, once dry their coats should improve in quality and shine, can improve hair loss in animals and is very effective in combating fleas 😉 So looks like you and your pet can have coconut oiling pamper nights !!!

Hair Regrowth and beautiful shine 

The natural antioxidants and nutrients (vitamin E, vitamin K and iron) found in coconut oil boosts hair growth and regrowth. Apply coconut oil to dry hair and scalp, massage in and leave in for about an hour. This will improve your hair growth, reduce dandruff and make your hair stronger. If you have hair loss concentrate on applying to those areas ☺ also you may want to mix coconut oil with organic castor oil and leave in overnight with cling film covering your head. That would be very affective for your hair loss. If your suffering from hair loss or not a lot of growth please subscribe to my blog as I will be writing a lot about hair growth and beauty secrets 💖 Once washing your hair I would recommend you use coconut faith in nature shampoo and conditioner 😉 

Baking and cooking

Use coconut oil to grease pans and trays ! You can use coconut oil as a replacement for butter just add coconut oil were it says on the recipe instead of butter ! You can butter your toast with coconut oil and also use it on baked potatoes yummy 😀 and so much more healthier for you.

Massage oil

Use coconut oil as a massage oil, it will leave your skin in great condition. You can also use it as lubricant 💖🔥😃

Consuming a tablespoon of coconut oil a day benefits 

– Coconut oil is easy to digest and contains compounds that destroy bad bacteria, promote growth of probiotics and helps heal leaky gut. Coconut oil promotes the growth of healthy probiotics in the digestive tract.  The antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties help to control parasites, and fungi, while aiding in the efficient absorption of essential nutrients.

According to numerous studies a tablespoon of coconut oil a day can help you lose weight 😁  So if your working hard at the gym or on a diet this trick is for you 😉

 Ezcema and Psoriasis Cure Treatment 

Coconut oil can be used as cream to naturally heal dry and flaking skin for those with eczema and psoriasis.


  Coconut oil supports both a healthy liver, and kidneys. According to researchers, virgin coconut oil, prepared without chemical or high-heat treatment exhibits an inhibitory effect on chronic inflammation. As inflammation is one of the leading causes of many chronic diseases, this study supports regular consumption of virgin coconut oil to help fight inflajmmation.


Consuming 2 tablespoons of pure coconut oil a day for a few months reduces symptoms of fibro. Energy from the oil goes straight to the liver and gives an energy boost. A compound in the oil can also reduce pain and inflammation which is fantastic for fibromyalgia. I have read glowing reports of improvements from people who have used this method for fibromyalgia although it’s not a miracle cure an improvement is an improvement and it’s worth a try 😉 Having fibromyalgia makes people more susceptible to other conditions so anything that boosts the immune system is a bonus 💖


OK so I heard that coconut oil could kill Hepatitis viruses in your body but I was really not so sure about that, maybe it could combat the symptoms but certainly not kill it ? If so everyone with this could be cured. So I did a little digging about and this is what I found :

The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It detoxifies, builds proteins and fats, secretes hormones, stores vitamins and minerals, produces bile necessary for digestion, and a hundred or so other functions vital for maintaining proper health. Both Hepatitis C and cirrhosis can be fatal. Researchers have been finding coconut oil to be of great benefit to liver health. The medium chain fatty acids in Virgin Coconut Oil go straight to the liver from the digestive tract. The anti-microbial fatty acids can then clean the liver of harmful micro-organisms as well as protect it from free-radical reactions. Research has shown that in the laboratory, medium chain fatty acids are effective against Hepatitis C infections. Virgin Coconut Oil will also help with cirrhosis. A few studies have shown both natural palm and coconut oils to be effective in preventing alcohol-induced cirrhosis and, as stated by one researcher “reverse alcohol related liver injury – from http://www.yesgethealthy.com


Children and adults with cancer should commit to taking 2 spoonfulls a day of Virgin coconut oil as having cancer makes you suspectible to secondary illness, this will massively improve and build the immune system up. Making recover faster. Also there are the many beauty benefits such as hair growth and better skin to acompany the immune support. A recent study which has found an active, anti-cancer component in coconut oil. In fact, this component makes up 50 percent of this amazing oil. What is this amazing cancer killing compound? Lauric acid. In one study, published in the journal Cancer Research and conducted at the University of Adelaide, it was discovered that lauric acid killed more than 90 percent of the colon cancer cells after just two days of treatment. This study was conducted in vitro, but researchers reached the conclusion that lauric acid could also induce cancer cell death in clinical studies as well.

So that’s pretty amazing right ? Your health and beauty regime just got a new friend > Mr Coconut 😂


Cleanse your space which smudging 😯💖👌

Smudging is a exercise common to many native American traditions, and alternative healing practices. It involves burning selected herbs or other materials in a manner that fills the home or space with the fragrance of the smoke and is thought to clear negative energy.

Homes/Offices accumulate negative vibrations over time, so feng shui practitioners find it helpful to smudge the home at least several times a year. Some people smudge as much as once a week, and you can also use smudging to clear your own bodily energy or the energy of other people.​

Moving Around the House. Move in a clockwise direction around your house (usually starting at the front door), and gently wave the smoke into the air. Spend a bit more time smudging the room corners, as they tend to accumulate stagnant energy. Be sure to also open the closet doors and carefully smudge inside.
My own smudge stick above from opal moon http://www.opal-moon.com/page45.htm
Many other smudging kits are available online if you are interested in doing this. Im hoping to make smudging a monthly thing as I really believe in the power of plants and herbs. Here are a few kits available online :


Your Hairdressing tools should take a bath twice a month, fine out why….

Your hairdressing tools such as clips, brushes, kirbies, combs etc should be washed twice a month. This will prevent bacteria and also increase the life of your brushes so you don’t have to go buy new ones all the time. Think about this.. you just washed your hair but your using a dirty comb or brush ? So get them cleaned 😉


First off you will need a large bowl which will serve as the “bath” Then you will need a towel to dry all your hair stuff with.

Try and pull off all the trapped hair with your hands first, use a toothpick or needle to get hairs that are wrapped around.

Add warm water to your large bowl and drop in some baby shampoo or any other mild shampoo you can find. Swirl your combs and brushes for 10 minutes in the water. Use a toothbrush to scrub at them them once finished scrubbing run under a hot tap till all the shampoo is off.

Lay out all your tools and brushes on a towel and leave to air dry, you can also speed it up a little by using a hairdryer, wrap your brushes and tools in the towel so they are covered and blast the hairdryer on it.

Wooden brushes sadly cannot be cleaned this way as the wood can get damaged! It’s best to use baby shampoo and the toothbrush to just gently clean the bristles and use a towel to wipe.  

For small combs a cotton bud does the trick, dip it into the bowl of shamood and warm water and just clean away !

Brushes that have cushioning below the handles should not be wet for long periods. Avoid soaking these brushes to disinfect them and stick to only giving them a mild rub down with a mild cleaner and water.

Happy cleaning 😁👍🛁

Mascara Hacks Every Girl Should Know 😁😻


Every few months there is always a new mascara on the scene, thicker, longer and more powerfull than ever ! Beauty companies invent new names like milliondollar eyes and push up drama. Whatever macara you prefer to use here are some simple hacks to improve your beauty routine 👏😘


To revive old dried up mascara boil some water and put it in a cup then add your mascara for a few minutes. This should do the trick !

For fuller thicker looking eyelashes apply your mascara over the top of your eyelash a d brush down… then do the nornal brushing up the way.. repeat on next eye and wallah.. beautifull eyelashes (just be careful while brushing down the way lol 😂)

Dont pump your mascara wand in and out the tube a lot as this is what dries the formula out by letting air in.

Before applying your mascara if you like to use eyelash curlers…..give them a heat with your blowdryer then curl. Be carefull about how hot they are though !

Always use Q tips to remove any stains around your eye. Do it quickly though as you dont want to be wiping hard and spoil your mascara.

If your mascara game is really strong and you like a lot on.. you can use your hairdryer cool blast setting to help the mascara dry in to your lashes.. fantastic tip and it takes seconds !

Apply your mascara then add a little baby powder to your eyelashes with a Qtip then apply your mascara over it again.. this will create volune and fullness !


Turning the tide on plastic with upcircle beauty! 💖🌹😀


For those of you who aren’t aware, “UpCircle” started life as “Optiat”. However, just before Christmas we took the decision to undergo a fairly dramatic rebrand – something that we had been working tirelessly on behind the scenes for more than half a year. We had outgrown the initial vision of Optiat and as part of our continuous brand development process, we evolved…

Marketing 2.jpeg

As our product ranges expand we took the opportunity to unify the brand, unveiling a fresh new look and name. We took our learnings from Optiat and built on them to create UpCircle. One of our main focuses was to reduce our use of plastic – in both our product packaging and office materials.

Marketing 1.jpeg

Since the very start our packaging has been 100% recyclable, but now as UpCircle we’ve reduced our plastic packaging by 99%. Pretty chuffed with that.
Our signature coffee scrub range used to be housed in plastic tubes, they are now in 100% aluminium. The only thing that remains in plastic is the cap, which is fairly unavoidable at this point. As soon as viable alternatives are available, we will be straight on it – but we are proud of the 99% reduction that we have been able to achieve so far. Every little helps, as they say!


Researchers now estimate that more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced since the 1950s and about 60 per cent of that has ended up in either landfill or the natural environment. Our tube caps are fully recyclable, so there’s no need for them to be ending up in landfill sites!

Serum Line Up_016

Not only did we banish our plastic tubes, we’ve also taken massive leaps forwards with our office materials. Last year, Zero Waste Week, an annual awareness campaign, reported that more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable.

Pamperkit Line Up_027

We send out orders from our website daily, as well as wholesale orders to our stockists. What are they all sealed with? Paper tape made from recycled fibres! 100% biodegradable. And what about our marketing materials? Well, we’ve made all our fliers, booklets, business cards and leaflets from paper made from recycled coffee cups – quite a nice tie in with our brand story, we thought!


While the UK has banned the sale of microbeads in rinse-off products, this is a very small step towards doing enough to turn the tide on plastic. Yes, we’ve begun to address the microplastics inside our cosmetics, but what about the plastic that houses them? The UN has predicted that if the rate of waste production continues, by 2050 our oceans will carry more plastic than fish and an estimated 99 per cent of seabirds will have ingested plastic.


Last year we saw an increasing amount of our customers requesting non-plastic containers and refillable products. It is now not enough that a product is natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free, the packaging must also be planet-friendly.

Body Scrub Line Up_030

We’ve made a name for ourselves as being the brand creating circular skincare solutions using by products and ingredients which would otherwise be discarded. We are bringing the circular economy to the beauty industry! And that’s where our new brand name came from. We felt UpCircle succinctly summed up our circular skincare mission. A play on upcycle, up as in uplifting, and upcircle as a circular economy. Genius? We think so.
Our rebrand has really unified our look and feel, the products now all belong in a clear family – which means we can start to grow that family. We love developing new products, so we’re keen to see what other circular skincare creations we can come up with!


Coffee was a great starting point for our brand, but we’ve got a lot more than just coffee in our sights! We’ve since released a range of soaps made from residual chai spices used to brew chai tea, the soaps came out just before Christmas and have done extremely well so far! We’re also working with hemp seed husks which are a by-product of hemp manufacture – so there’s lots going on!
We promise that our focus will remain on not only our eco-friendly packaging, but also our eco-friendly formulations.

Anna and Will.jpg

So, a huge thank you from Team UpCircle for all of your love and support on our journey so far. Because of superstars like you, we’ve been able to save (literally) TONNES of good stuff from landfill, helping to leave the world better than we found it.



* Guestpost